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Terms of Service

These are the terms of service for the site. The site is operated by synchronized multi-integration media (a division of) The Buckmaster Institute, Inc. (in the following, the operator).

The basic functionality of the site is:

  • Any page is created and updated by visitors of the site. The only exception are those created by the site_admin user and users with "automatic import" names like automatic_factbook_import.
  • Any visitor can see any page.


The content posted on does not necessarily represent the views of the operator. It is a public forum: content is published by those individuals posting it.


You are responsible for your postings. This includes, for example, respecting copyrights when including works of others.  There are no guidelines: offensive content may be removed without notice.


Pages are published by the authors, with the exception noted above. Rely on the information to the degree that you know these authors (probably low).


Your privacy in relation to the operator is detailed in the privacy policy. Your privacy in relation to Google or publishers or any networking operation between you and this site is not tracked or under the control of the operator.


The operator strives to make the site accessible by as many people as possible. Please point out gaps and problems by adding a comment to any posting on the site's blog. We'll get there.


These terms of service may be updated from time to time.

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