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search results date grouping - help

What's up with those squiggly lines?

They help you restrict the markers shown for the search results to the date range that you are interested in.

Example. Let's say you search for island over the pacific ocean. Then you will see squiggly lines as shown above.

If you click on the second squiggly line, the map will update to show only those entries that fall in the date range of Jan 2002 / Dec 2002.

If an entry has no start date, then the squiggly line will start at the left border. Likewise if an entry has no end date, then the squiggly line will reach all the way to the right border.

If an entry has no start or end date, then its squiggly line will have the whole width.

There are at most 25 squiggly lines shown. In order to fit up to 250 search results, the squiggly lines are expanded in their date range to cover all date ranges that occur in the search results: by approximation. So a squiggly line may be used for several entries with different start and end dates. Issue a new search with start and end date once you know the date range you are interested in.

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