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Rice Lake

Rice Lake is an easy destination. It offers an half hour walk (2km) around the lake. You can also cycle or skate on the roads in the vicinity. The lake has trout which can be caught with a license. Picnic tables are also provided.
Many trails in the area can turn a visit into a longer outing: the Twin Bridges Trail (2.2km), the Fisherman's Trail (7km), the Homestead Trail (1km), the Seymour Valley Trailway (5km) and the Varley Trail (3km). You can even connect to the Baden Powell Trail which leads you all the way to Deep Cove in the east, or Lions Cove in the West.

Rice Lake is part of the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, and is surrounded by alpine meadows with views of Mount Seymour and Grouse Mountain.

The lake is peaceful and enjoyable all year round. In the winter, sometimes, but not often, it will be frozen and covered in snow. Be sure to dress warm: it will be colder than "the city". Comes spring, enjoy the fauna of this lovely area, and the ducks on the lake. In the summer, the forest will allow you to cool down. The forest changes to spectacular colours in the fall.

How to get there

  • Cycling up from the Second Narrows bridge on the North Vancouver side would take about half an hour.
  • The closest bus stop is at Capilano College, from where Rice Lake can be reached within 45 minutes.

  • Parking is of course also available.

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