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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for It explains how your personal information is collected, used and stored.

Changes made after July 31, 2008 will be announced on the front page.

In short, the site operator has no interest in your personal information. Only information what is technically needed, or convenient or legally required is collected. This information is not sold, or ordinarily passed on to other organizations.

What is collected, used and stored?

  • Standard log entries: The IP address of your internet connection is stored together with a timestamp and the URL of the page you are accessing.
  • Member Registration: We store the email address that you provide. (We don't collect your name, address, or similar.)
  • Member Login: We store the time of login, the login id, and time of logout.
  • Member Entry: We store whatever you write on your own entry (e.g.
  • All other Entries: We store whatever visitors write in the entries that constitute

How are the standard log entries used?

  • To analyse site usage, access statistics.
  • To investigate abuse.

How is the email address used?

  • Presently the email address is only used to reset your password, and for signing up.
  • The email address is never automatically shown on site pages.
  • We will not send you unsolicited communications for marketing purposes.
  • In exceptional cases we may contact you by email (example, you wrote something really interesting, suspend account, etc).


  • Cookies are only used to manage the log-in state: are you logged in? if yes, what is the login id?

Who has access to this information?

  • Only the system administratorhas access to this information.
  • All data is held in a database in a secure operating environment which is not publicly accessible; however complete security is not guaranteed.

Who is this information shared with?

  • No-one, except when required by law or court orders, or similar.

Special Case - Using Google Maps

Protect your privacy

  • Think twice before posting your own information such as name, etc. The Internet has a long memory.
  • Don't post other people's private information.
  • If you see someone else's private information improperly posted, send an email to [alert] right away.
  • Protect your password as usual. Logout or close your browser, when finished.

Concerns, comments, feedback

  • If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this privacy policy, contact us.

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