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Question. Lots of people are putting lots of information about themselves on sites like Facebook and Myspace. What would you say to those young people?

Answer. Imagine that everything you are typing is being read by the person you are applying to for your first job. Imagine that it's all going to be seen by your parents and your grandparents and your grandchildren as well.

The danger is when you put something into a public space in order to share it with a few friends and in fact you've forgotten that it's actually a public space or that the list of friends is huge or that some of them can't be trusted not to be put it somewhere else.

From Questions and answers: Tim Berners-Lee, interview by Rory Cellan-Jones Technology correspondent, BBC News, February 17, 2008. (Time Berners-Lee came up with the World Wide Web in March 1989, see also the wikipedia entry)

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