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Grouse Grind

The Grouse Grind is a very popular hiking trail leading to the ski area on Grouse Mountain. It is extremely steep, climbing 853 meters (2,800 feet) over a distance of 2.9 kilometres (1.8 miles).

Although the trail is notoriously grueling, it is popular among outdoor enthusiasts in Greater Vancouver. The North Shore mountains offer many opportunities for the unwary to become lost but this isn't one of them! The trail, although a little rough in places, is very well defined. There are many sections comprising wooden steps but these vary widely in height and width, so can be a bit tiring.

Good shade is provided by the forest all the way up, but even so you will generate a lot of heat and perspiration ... at any time of the year. Take water and a snack (energy bar, banana etc) and a little money if you wish to ride the gondola back to the base (recommended). This costs $5 if memory serves - someone else please correct if I'm wrong!

Many hikers time themselves on the trail to see how quickly they can reach the top. The average time is approximately 90 minutes, although hikers who are very fit can finish it in 45 minutes. If going for the first time and there is any doubt at all as to your fitness level, I recommend you go with a friend and take it easy on the way up. Wear hiking boots if you have weak ankles, otherwise sturdy runners should be fine in dry conditions.

To get there, go North on Capilano Road in North Vancouver and follow it as far as it goes (it turns into Nancy Greene Way at some point; keep going). You will reach the Grouse Mountain Skyride with its (pay) parking lot. There is also some free parking on the street about 100m before the lot. The trailhead is off to the right as you look up the hill at the gondola station.

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