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List of Features has the following features.


  • All entries are tied to a location on the planet and a date range.
  • When an entry is shown in a suitable webbrowser, maps or satellite imagery is displayed in the top section of the screen. The are provided by Google, "Google Maps".
  • Entries have a name, so that they can be accessed under


Entries consist of text, plus

  • The attributes zoom level, map type and title.
  • Images can be inserted (after they have been uploaded)
  • Drawings can be added to the maps or satellity imagery. Various colours and grades of opacity/transparency are available. This allows indicating routes and areas.
  • Spots and labels can be placed in the maps or satellity imagery. (The same variety of colours and grades of opacity/transparency are available) This allows indicating additional places of interest.
All of these can be changed from the entries' maintenance page, which is linked to from the entries' page itself. (Only the name itself cannot be changed).

Publishing Features

  • Website visitors can add new entries freely.
  • When they do so and  they are logged in, they can choose whether other visitors can also make changes to the entry.
  • Entries and their attributes can be changed at any time.

Registered Users

  • Visitors can register a login-id by providing their email address only.
  • A logged-in visitor can reserve the right to make changes to the entry, so that other visitors cannot change the entry.
  • A signed-up visitor obtains a special page for themselves, the name of which consisting of "member_" followed by their login id. Only they can change this entry. The entry has links in the sidebar to entries created by, and updated by, the visitor.


  • Visitors can add tags to entries. This allows creating ad-hoc groups, "folksonomy"
  • There is a list of special tags
    • overview
    • list
    • project
    • directory
    • reference
    • topic
    When an entry is tagged with one of these words, then all entries that it links to will get a back-link in the top section, which reads "listed in ....". This allows a weak form of location breadcrumbs.


  • If entry A links to entry B, then a marker will appear in the map or satellity imagery for entry B at the location of entry A; and vice versa. Hovering the mouse over the marker will make a box appear with the title of entry B, and a link to it. In this way related entries are easy to spot geographically.

Entry Revisions

  • For each entry a history of its revisions is maintained. These versions can be inspected and reverted to if needed.

KML Support: "Google Earth"


  • The entries can be searched by keywords, by date range, tags, etc. The search is always restricted to the currently displayed geographical area.
  • Search results can be filtered by daterange: a clustered view of the dateranges of the search results is available. Click on one squiggly line to restrict to that lines date range.
  • At most 250 search results are returned for each search (no "paging")

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