Sunday, June 15, 2008.

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Car-free Vancouver Day 2008: Commercial Drive

Well, it was a pretty good car free day! The idea behind car-free days is pretty simple - block the streets for traffic, and put the space to better use, without the disruption.

The organizers in Vancouver brought together musicians,  artists, community groups with information stands, and lots of other organizations. Local coffee shops, bars and restaurants spread into the sidewalks.

The Beginning: Blocking the street

Last Cars LeavingHere you see the last cars leaving Commercial Drive at the North End (Venables Street) around 10 AM.

The street was supposed to be clear at 10, but no need to hurry! The event itself is scheduled to begin at noon.

Car-free now

Car-free nowEmpty now, here looking North from around William.

Not many people around this early; mostly store keepers preparing for the masses.

Party in full swing

Party onIt  was a beautiful day, very sunny but not too hot! Good to socialize, run into people, etc.


Too Big To CareLots of music, at almost every corner. Above, is Too Big To Care (look them up on Facebook), the "Anyone Marching Band". Doe Bender + Band

This is Doe Bender + Band.

What it's all about

SPEC Info Stand And what it's all about. As an example of many other stands dealing with transportation and environmental issues, shown here is the SPEC stand : The SOCIETY PROMOTING ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION. The signs read "Better Transit - No Freeways - No Highway 1 Expansion". Get one for your lawn!!

More details about  Car-free Vancouver Days are at the organizers website.

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