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Byrne Creek Ravine Park

There are many trails within Byrne Creek Ravine Park. This description starts at Edmonds SkyTrain Station and then goes on a dirt trail followed by gravel trail and then back to SkyTrain. There is a paved part, too, if you don't want to go on the dirt trail.

From Skytrain, cross the bridge on your right and turn right on any of the trails as they join back together. When the main paved path forks, turn left. If you want the paved trail, stay on that trail. If you want the dirt trail (which is very scenic), turn immediately right on a small dirt trail, which will get wider just after you enter the trail. The dirt trail continues along the edge of the ravine while the paved trail doesn't have views of the ravine.

There are numerous trails that connect these two trails. The dirt trail takes about a half an hour and comes out at Marine Drive where there is a short steep dirt hill at the end. Turn right and you will see the gravel trail and first sign marker for Byrne Creek Park. Turn right and the gravel trail trail begins. You will cross a small bridge (see photo) and will now be walking along the creek on a nice gravel trail. Dogs should be leashed on this part. After a few minutes you will reach the only elevation gain -- a stretch of dirt and wood stairs (see photo).

There is a nice resting area at the bottom of the stairs next to the creek (see photo). After the stairs, the gravel trail continues higher along the side of the ravine. The gravel trail ends at a lane after the tennis courts. Turn right in the lane and you will see Ron McLean park with swingsets and baseball diamond (see photo). Proceed through that park keeping right and you will reach another gravel trail in less than 5 minutes and turn right on that trail. The trail is located between the washrooms and the baseball diamond. When the trail forks, turn left and then when the trail crosses the railroad track (unused) turn right and you will see Edmonds SkyTrain Station. (If you turn right where the trail forks, you will end up at the bridge to cross to skytrain.)

Round Trip: 4 km

Time allowed: 1 hour walking with some stops

Good all year

Family Hike (Dogs are permitted off leash on dirt trail part)

Getting There By Skytrain: Get off at Edmonds SkyTrain Station, turn right and cross the bridge over the skytrain tracks. Then turn right and go down the path (you'll see a small store on your left as well as the Edmonds towers). When the path forks, take the left branch (this is the paved part of the trail.)

Getting There By Car: From Edmonds turn onto Southbridge Drive and Park near the store. You can also park near Ron McLean park and start the trail there. (I'll update this part.)

Originally known as Woolard's Brook, this waterway once flowed eastward through cow pastures and bog. Interference with its peaceful course began in 1893, when a man named Peter Byrne rechannelled the creek to supply a newly dug ditch running through the bog to the Fraser River—an arrangement that allowed the Gilley brothers and other logging companies to float their timber down the ditch to the river and thence to the sawmills in New Westminster.

In the 1980s the watercourse was redirected yet again to accommodate road alignment, and today Byrne Creek runs through Riverway golf course on its journey to the Fraser. The ravine through which this walk wanders has been protected as part of Ron McLean Park and is part of a larger program of saving neighbourhood ravines from development or use as illegal garbage dumps.

Although close to Skytrain, flanked by residential streets on the west and apartment towers on the northeast, the ravine remains a belt of wilderness that offers some surprising discoveries to nature lovers. Highlights: Forest and creek; Ron McLean Park; shrubs, berries; songbirds. Terrain: Ups and downs. Forest trail, some steps, park path and road.

Bridge near Marine Dr. in Byrne Creek Park

Playing in Creek in Byrne Creek Park

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