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This is part of the bomb sites series by elin o'Hara slavick. Also available in book form: Bomb After Bomb: A Violent Cartography.

Peru, 1960-65, for Hugo Blanco. CIA official Victor Marchetti says, "Green Berets participated in what was the CIA's single large-scale Latin American intervention of the post-Bay of Pigs era. The CIA secretly came to the aid of the Peruvian government, financing a miniature Fort Bragg in the jungle. The extent to which the American military engaged directly in combat is not known. The American objective in Peru - to crush a movement aimed at genuine land reform and social and political changes - was identical to its objectives in Vietnam. The methods employed were similar: burning down peasants huts and villages to punish support for the guerillas, defoliating the countryside to eliminate guerrilla sanctuaries, saturation bombing with napalm and high explosives, even throwing prisoners out of helicopters." William Blum, Killing Hope

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